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If You Are Uninsured and Need Prescription Medication There Are Options

One of the hardest things about not having healthcare coverage in the US today is the cost of prescription drugs. People in this country die every day for lack of health coverage that includes their medications because they simply cannot afford to pay for the medicines that doctors prescribe. If you are struggling to pay for your medication because you lack insurance coverage, there are a few things you can do to ease the burden. Of course, these are no substitute for actual insurance and should not be used as such.

Free RX Discount Cards

Prescription discount cards are available for free to everyone at SuperRXcard.com. These cards provide discounts on medications, supplements, and even some pet medications of up to 75%. If you do not have insurance coverage or you have a high deductible, it’s very likely that some of your medications may qualify for a discount. By keeping one of these cards on file with your pharmacist you can insure that you get the lowest possible prices on your prescription medications. This card is accepted by all of the major pharmacy chains and 1000’s of smaller local pharmacies. Check with your pharmacist to see if they participate in a prescription assistance program.

Check for Generics

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about any generic version of the medication that you need. Generics are invariably cheaper and more readily available than brand name drugs and you can save quite a bit of money by getting the generic version. Of course, this may not be possible for everyone because there are just some medications that don’t have generic counterparts. There are also some generic versions of brand name drugs that react differently than the brand name and there may have been a reason your doctor prescribed the more expensive version to you. It’s always a good idea to check first though because many generics work just as well and are a fraction of the price of a brand name medication. If you use a pharmacy free prescription savings card as well you could save even more money with any available discounts.

Ask For Samples

Samples aren’t always available, but many times your doctor’s office will have some that he can give away. It’s certainly not a long term solution, but it could get you started and help ease the cost by allowing you to purchase less medication. It’s also a good idea to let your doctor know that cost is an issue and see if there are solutions that you can come up with together to help keep you healthy without making you go broke on the cost of the medication.

SuperRXCard.com is a free prescription discount card provider.

If you are seeking a convenient way to get better prices on generic and brand name medications, this card is perfect for you.  While the SuperRXCard is not a Medicare card, it can certainly prove beneficial to Medicare recipients without Part D coverage or who are currently in the Part D donut hole, as well as to people without health insurance. Everyone is eligible and the card is completely free, all you have to do is enter your name into the online form and your card is automatically generated. For more information call 1-877-321-6755 or visit our website today!

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