Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a membership fee or an application form to be completed to qualify for the free drug discount card?

No. Our free drug card is 100% free and there is no application form or questionnaire. The only requirement is that you enter you name in the Drug Card Creator form found on our website and then print your free discount prescription drug card. It is pre-activated and ready for use. If you lose your free drug card, simply go back to our website and create another one.

Are there any eligibility requirements?

No.  Everyone qualifies to use our free discount prescription drug  card and receive savings on covered  prescriptions at any of our 57,000 participating pharmacies.

How does the free drug card work?

Simply present your discount prescription drug card to the druggist, along with your prescription, at any of our participating pharmacies.

Will I get billed for a co-pay or something?

Since this is not insurance, there is no co-pay or deductible. Discounts are given at the point of sale; you will pay only the discounted price for your prescription drugs.

How does the pharmacy know what discounted price to charge?

The pharmacist enters our group identifying codes, found on our free drug card, into his computer. The discounted price, which has been negotiated for us by our PBA, is shown for your specific medication.

What is a PBA?

A PBA or PBM is a Pharmacy Benefits Administrator or Pharmacy Benefits Manager that is a third party administrator of prescription drug discount cards programs. They are primarily responsible for processing prescription drug claims. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining the formulary, contracting with pharmacies and negotiating prescription drug discounts and rebates with drug manufacturers. Due to there large purchasing pool for prescription drugs, PBAs and PBMs can negotiate discounts for their clients.

Is this free drug card health insurance?

No. This free drug card is not insurance. Our card merely offers the consumer prescription savings.

Can I distribute free drug cards to my employees and their family members and friends?

Certainly! There are no eligibility requirements; anyone can use our discount prescription drug card. Print as many as you like for employees and friends. Email us for bulk quantities of wallet-sized cards.

What if I already have health insurance coverage? Can these free drug cards help me?

If you are currently paying a co-pay you may not benefit, unless you have medications that are not covered by your health insurance program. However, if you are subject to a deductible, our free drug card can save you money. Additionally, if you are on Medicare and do not have Part D coverage or have a coverage gap (aka donut hole) or have medications not covered by Medicare(Viagra for example), our free discount prescription drug cardcan help you.

What’s in it for the pharmacy?

Our free drug card generates goodwill for the participating pharmacy. In addition, if they do not participate their customers may go somewhere else to a pharmacy that does. They are already giving some customers, those with insurance, the negotiated discounts anyway. Most pharmacies will accept your card. If you find one that doesn’t, please ask the druggist to call the toll free Pharmacy Help line found on your free drug discount card. Our customer service representatives will assist him with any questions.

What if I have more questions?

Please call our customer service department toll free at the # found on your card. A customer service representative will gladly answer your questions.

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