Generic or Brand Name, Which is Better?

Which should I choose?

The best reason to choose a generic equivalent over the brand name medication is that the cost of the generic is usually less. The difference in cost can be substantial. It is not uncommon for the same companies to make both the brand name and the generic. Generic medications must by law contain the same active ingredients as the brand name. Before a generic medication can be sold, the FDA must determine that the generic medication contains the same active ingredients in the same strength as its brand name equivalent. Generics become available after the patent for the brand name expires and, as stated above, some are actually manufactured by the same company that also manufactures the brand name equivalent. A second reason to choose a generic over its brand name equivalent is that choosing a lower priced generic will not only save you money but can also reduce costs for your health insurers. Lower health costs can mean lower premiums for everyone.

SuperRxCard encourages you to speak to your doctor before making any changes in your medications, but, we suggest that you let your doctor and pharmacist know that you would like to save money on your prescriptions by switching them to a generic if one is available.

Your SuperRxcard free drug card will work for both brand name and generics but your discount pricing is better with the generic.

Savings with your free drug card are as high as 75% on some older generics and average over 30% on many. Over time, the savings you experience by using our free drug card and generics can be substantial.

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