What is the Super Rx Card?

Save Money at the Pharmacy with a Free Prescription Discount Card

With the high cost of healthcare in the country today, many families simply cannot afford their prescription drugs. People on limited budgets tend to stretch out the medication that they do have by skipping doses or not refilling their medication at all. Practices like this are extremely common and very dangerous. It can lead to trips to the emergency room and hospital that could have been avoided with the proper medication. There are a few options out there to help people better afford their medication, and one of them is using a free prescription discount card.

A prescription card isn’t insurance, but it is like having a coupon for your prescription drugs. You can get a discount of anywhere from 5-75% on the cost of your medication if you are paying without insurance. If you have prescription insurance that doesn’t cover one of your drugs, you can also use the discount card to try and save money on those medications. The discounts you receive will vary by medication, but when every penny counts, even a little bit off of the price can certainly be helpful. These cards are generally available online and cost nothing for the user, they just give everyone access to the same discounts that insurance companies enjoy on prescription drugs.

You can get a free prescription card for almost anyone simply by entering their name into the online form. The discount codes are then printed with the card and can be kept on file at your pharmacy. Even if you already have prescription drug insurance, it can be helpful to keep these cards on file at your regular pharmacy so you can automatically get discounts on any medications not covered by your insurance. These cards can be printed for your employees, your parents, your children, or anyone you know who could use a discount at the pharmacy. There is no cost to sign up and if you don’t have access to a printer you can simply generate the codes and give them to your pharmacist.

Funding for prescription discount programs is done through the participation of pharmacies and drug manufacturers. This is why the discount cards are free for users. These cards are a way for participating pharmacies to offer prices to the uninsured that are similar to what insurance companies pay for the same medication. Being a participating pharmacy has the benefit of generating goodwill with the public and increasing customer loyalty. Most major pharmacies participate in these prescription drug discount programs so it’s easy to find one close to you where you can get these discounts.

SuperRXCard.com is a discount card provider for prescription medications of all kinds, even medications for your pet. Generate your free discount card by simply entering your name into the form. There are no gimmicks, and the card is absolutely free to anyone. We even have a pharmacy locator so you can find out if your pharmacy participates in this amazing program. You can find substantial savings at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide including Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, and Eckerd’s.

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