Why Every Senior Should Have Our Free Discount Prescription Card

Save Money at the Pharmacy with a Free Prescription Discount Card

There are many prescription assistance plans out there for uninsured citizens. Most of them are beneficial, though they generally still come with a cost or they are very difficult to qualify for. Unfortunately, the cost of some prescription assistance plans still makes them impractical for anyone living on a fixed income and the income qualification requirements of most plans exclude all but those with very low incomes.

Allow us to introduce you to one of the best prescription assistance plans in the country. Super Rx Card presents the free discount prescription card. You didn’t read that wrong, and there are no smoke and mirrors. This benefit really is completely free, and available to senior citizens (and everyone else) regardless of your health, your age, or what medications you are currently taking.

We won’t even ask you any health related questions(or any questions at all for that matter because everyone qualifies). When you participate in our prescription assistance plan, you can print your own free discount prescription card and even order as many cards as you like to give to friends and family. There is no expense to you, ever. You can start using your free discount prescription card as soon as you receive it. Simply show your free discount prescription card at your regular pharmacy. Most major pharmacies and thousands of local pharmacies accept our prescription assistance plans.

For a complete list of major pharmacies which accept the free discount prescription card, see our home page at www.superrxcard.com. For local pharmacies, simply go to our homepage and enter your zip code in the Pharmacy Locator for a list of participating pharmacies nearest you.

No one should pay more than they need to for prescription medications. Ou medicare and senior prescription assistance programs help you by passing on special deals and discounts.

Because we represent many, many prescription drug users, we are able to negotiate better prices from both pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. What that means to you, the consumer, is significant discounts-ranging from 10% to 75%, depending on which medications you are purchasing and which pharmacy you are purchasing them from.

The best part of the free discount prescription card is that it’s just that… totally free. You can start saving on your prescription medications right away with no cost to you now or ever. You really do have nothing to lose with your free discount prescription card, except for part of your prescription drug bill.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-321-6755 today!

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